Christina Aguilera – Keeps Gettin' Better – A Decade of Hits (2008)

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01.Genie in a Bottle [03:38]
02.What a Girl Wants [03:35]
03.I Turn to You [04:36]
04.Come On Over (All I Want Is You) [03:25]
05.Nobody Wants to Be Lonely (feat. Ricky Martin) [04:12]
06.Lady Marmelade [04:26]
07.Dirrty [04:46]
08.Fighter [04:09]
09.Beautiful [04:01]
10.Ain’t No Other Man [03:49]
11.Candyman [03:15]
12.Hurt [04:04]
13.Genie 2.0 [04:15]
14.Keeps Gettin’ Better [03:03]
15.Dynamite [03:09]
16.You Are What You Are (Beautiful) [04:44]

Total: 90,1 MB – 63:07 min

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