Happy Valentine's Day!

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beautiful trio
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delicious view
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wow, these faces1
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Patrick O’Brien
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Ajude-nos a manter o blog clicando nos banners abaixo, não custa nada. Por favor, cliquem sempre que vierem por aqui se divertir. Obrigado! Contamos com a ajuda de vocês 🙂

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  1. 4:35 ‘…cognitive computing is only possible within IBM…’BS 🙂 ‘…where else could you bring together so many disparate technologies and people…’within any enthusiastic community with sufficient technology quotient?aaanyway 🙂 best news all week! txs!

  2. Oh how exciting, I’m so thrilled to be a winner, thank you so much you’ve made my day!!I’m really pleased for you that it is all going so well and it’s great that you managed to have a weekend off to re-charge your batteries. Vivienne x

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