Câmera Escondida – Carinhas se pegando no banheiro

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85 thoughts on “Câmera Escondida – Carinhas se pegando no banheiro

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  2. Congratulations!!! Aiya, I balik kampung la…missed out your postings for almost a week! I'm somehow not surprised that you won, I've seen how you work–even for a very small project. Btw, do you know that there's actually something called nervous diarrheoa? My mum had it once for one whole month, and she thought she was critically ill. Finally a specialist told her:"You have to relax, it's nervous diarrheoa."

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  5. I loved all 3 of those shows. Sad they cancelled Jericho but so v v happy they stuck with Fringe!!! YAY! Am only happy that Three Rivers got cancelled because now we have McG. However I personally LOVED seeing AOL in my world (medical). Our transplant team works with his charity of choice Donate Life. I get v happy when I see their logo come across our fax. For several reasons…obvi.

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  12. An amazing post Vix! I'm very envious of your lifestyle but I never doubt for a minute how hard you work for it and the sensible choices you make to afford it. I'm afraid I'm the total opposite; I have credit cards and I buy things that I can't really afford But to be honest I'm really happy with my house, sofa, dog etc that I can't really afford. They're things that are important to me and I choose not to have new clothes, go out lots or have holidays to afford them. I think we've both chosen what's most important to us in life. It's a lovely way to be xx

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  16. I’m 28 too and can relate to you…only I’m a female from a family full of extroverts (4 sisters) and I’m the only introvert so I’m seen as the weird one in the family..they don’t understand–been in couple of relationships but the guys thought I was weird and said they didn’t understand me–worked out in the real world for 12 years (including military) and just last year realized this year all this time it was Social Anxiety

  17. Gut erkannt. Es ist das Zeichen schlechter Regisseure und Autoren, dass sie das, was sie im Kopf haben, nicht auf die Leinwand bringen können. Siehe auf BPKs Visionen, was Astro Saga alles sein sollte vs das Skript. Oder Bolls Aussage, die Tiertötungen am Anfang von “Seed” würden irgendwie “man’s inhumanity” entlarven – wie sinnlos das zu Beginn eines ultrabilligen und strunzdummen Slasherfilms auch sein mag, der sich dann selber in einer außerordentlich selbstzweckhaften und geschmacklosen Gewaltdarstellung suhlt.

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  24. Bia comentou em 6 de julho de 2012 às 19:26. Ai Jana, como você é linda!! Vocês não tem idéia do quanto eu estou amando essas novas colunas e esse texto…perfeito! bjo

  25. Où est la poule, où est l’oeuf ? Où est l’économie, où est la géologie? Ce texte de l’ODAC est intéressant, mais si le prix des nouvelles réserves est à 80 USD le baril, c’est bien qu’elles sont plus difficile à extraire. Or cette difficulté vient de la géologie pas de l’économie.

  26. Så flink datter du har, en skikkelig dyktig fotograf jo :)Har heldigvis en dag til fri vi og før hverdagen begynner, den skal nytes, og brukes til å få jula ut av huset!! Nå er jeg lei!!Jeg heier på deg ang, et bilde om dagen, en morsom ide, men tror det hadde blitt med tanken hos meg!jeg heier uansett på deg :)klem klem

  27. About the supernatural stuff .. that depends on how you see the movie and its message. Life doesn’t stop and shouldn’t stop when your loved one leave you behind, where ever they are (this world or that world), they will stay happy only if you will remain happy. This was message of movie and supernatural stuff was just a mean to convey this stuff.

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  30. Kristin,This is hilarious and so true!!! You should have gotten that signed release from your Mother (my sister)! The next time we see each other, remind me to share some more hilarious Nana stories with you. She was definitely “one in a million”!Aunt Judy

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